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According to Italian European overseas network compile reports, Milan is known as the European Capital of luxury shopping , luxury recent months sales increased by 16 %.Clusters brand is a common resource for all business development in the region , representing the regional industrial competitiveness.and EU textile and apparel supply chain has been strengthened , the first category is the US-EU neighboring countries , the second is a low-cost supplier. Wholesale Cheap Statistics show that Chinas private enterprises Zall Holding 500 500 Chinas service industry , 50 enterprises in Hubei Province and Wuhan City, the top 20 companies .

Nike Shox Women VUKMIROVIC perfect demonstration of the operation of the fashion consulting sector.He frequently updated shoes, watches and belts, are from the U.Only in this way , Chinese companies can avoid becoming someone elses " manufacturing plant ", a real brand competition in the market winner .According to the French European Times website reported that the latest statistics Galeries Lafayette and Printemps department stores showed that September sales of brand name watches two shopping centers decreased, mainly due to the decrease in spending Chinese tourists .Some companies even in the " fight " in the process unfortunately died , wash market .In addition to this new regulation , China s wealthy class in the luxury model gradually maturing, growing exclusion conspicuous luxury, but more like some of the upscale brand of low-key style .

As of the end of 2005 at 10 years, Wal-Mart stores open at least one year of same-store sales increase of 5.Li Chak Rundong wisdom , or Joe Chang , chief expert tour , branding expert Mr.However , China s footwear after May 1 will face a severe test.Therefore, there is a French scholar Bergere famously in the " golden age of the Chinese bourgeoisie ", the 17th-century Protestant and Western entrepreneurs differ 20th century Chinese entrepreneurs regarded his success is to save the fate of the country I hope the move . Air Jordan 12 Chalcedony Clifford Chance head of mergers and acquisitions in Asia Pacific also believes that for many companies in Asia Pacific , Europe still has appeal, and can provide the opportunity to develop its business strategy for the Asia-Pacific region companies.

Last night to attend a social reception SLS luxury brands were responsible HUBLOT Hublot , KATESPADE, MICHAELKORS, ESTEELAUDER Estee Lauder , ROCHEBOBOIS Fort Roach home and other well-known luxury brand in China market leader , as well as LVMH, DIOR and other luxury brands digital agency ZEINETHMEDIA, NEWCAST, DDB, PERFORMICS etc. Where can i find cheap Womens Air Jordan 3 18" of his own play, but from the beginning of last year, "6.Efforts to expand the " commerce international" new path.For example , even on weekends sewing classes were full, and now there are 100 people waiting in line.

Where can i find cheap Womens Air Jordan 3 "Technology and innovation as the force pointSpeaking of brand innovation , Lee, has its own unique insight : "In 2006, China will really into this highway WTO , Chinese enterprises will abide by the rules of the world market , international giants to enter the Chinese market, comprehensive , independent of the brand innovation is imminent .Laid off, equivalent to having a "self- audit" chance to start over .Chinese consumers are concerned about the extent of health promotion opportunities driven by the consumer upgrades , analysis , new consumers tend to spend money to buy more expensive goods and services.

Where can i find cheap Womens Air Jordan 3 According to statistics, the elderly vouchers signed up to the service provider catering class , followed by domestic cleaning category.However, although these brands cater to the fashion of youth psychological follow fashion , but no in-depth analysis , ignoring the young people in general love stage , the status quo lovers a great market .Men using a new type of fabric, but did not make a significant change in contour design.